Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ribbed vs. Jersey knit

I'm sure you've seen t-shirt that say something like "men's jersey tee" before. No they aren't t-shirts that are made to be sports jerseys. The type of stitch used to knit the fabric that is used to make a t-shirt makes a big difference in the feel of the shirt. Being aware of what style of shirt is currently in fashion can be the difference between success and failure.

Essential difference: Rib knit is stretchy, jersey knit isn't. Ribbed knit are usually more fitted, and consequently popular for many girls styles. Jersey knit is what you find most mens styles offered in. Your standard traditional men's t-shirt is jersey knit. There has been a move towards ribbed knit in general however across many markets.

Think of ribbed knit like the weave of a cheap Chinese finger trap you win at the arcade. and think of jersey knit like your more traditional grid.

Hope this helps.

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